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Our strength lies in our ability to combine strategic, financial, economic, and technical advice as an integrated consultancy service to public and private sector clients around the world.

Energy Transition

Energy transition is the term used for the change from fossil-fuel-based systems of energy consumption to more efficient systems powered by renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, to decarbonise the energy sector. Everyone has a part to play. We provide support to making that a reality for our clients, by gradually and effectively decarbonising their use of energy. 

We are aware of the difficulties inside each entity when it comes to performing this transition – the changes required can be hard to manage. We facilitate that transition, making it not only easier but more impactful and efficient. By working with us, our clients become energy efficient.

We provide comprehensive environmental, financial, and engineering solutions. We bring energy projects to market, quickly and cost-effectively, due to the combination of our expertise with being in the right place at the right time – our network. We embrace the latest technologies to improve performance and sustainability. Our design approach is both innovative and integrated.

Our main areas of expertise within energy transition are:

Water Services

Water scarcity is an emergency in today’s world, and it is time to take action. Often, clients struggle to define their best strategies and solutions, though they must act fast. We are there for our clients to help them increase their impact.

In sustainability, there is a need to adapt actions accordingly to singular aspects of one entity and it is hard to keep on track with all the innovation and new discoveries happening. That’s why S317 Consulting exists, we share our technical and management expertise and provide the due support for our clients to excel.

With our solutions, expertise, and advisory services, we support all phases of the water cycle, combining state-of-the-art techniques, and demonstrated best practices, and we support our clients to protect public health and improve quality of life. 

Our main areas of expertise within water services are:

Carbon & Sustainability

Climate change is the shift we see in temperatures and weather patterns globally and regionally, that started in the 20th century driven by, primarily, human activities, such as fossil fuel consumption. We all have heard of this term, and we are all worried. But we know what needs to be done.

The pace of change is increasing as climate change begins to dominate business decision-making. More and more organisations are putting sustainability at the heart of what they do with net-zero commitments, product life cycle assessments and by adopting circular economy business models. We help our clients differentiate themselves in the market by developing future-proof sustainability strategies that reduce risk and build long-term organisational resilience. 

Sustainable business practices are linked to greater organisational resilience and better financial performance. They are more likely to attract investors looking for long-term security and a greater return on investment. We develop solutions, including financial and technological tools, together with our clients and provide advisory and technical assistance services, for them to adapt how they operate and become actors fighting climate change and to risk their climate risk in a rational and efficient way.

Our main areas of expertise within carbon & sustainability are:


ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a must follow framework and it is still a mystery for many organisations, facing more and more need to following it without the due knowledge and expertise. S317 leads at the ESG field by having proven experience connecting the environmental and social issues, and build the foundations of sustainable organisations.

The ESG is built over connections to energy transition, sustainable portfolios, green businesses, with measurable impact and achievable metrics to monitor evolution. S317 Consulting brings the real-life experience to aggregate all expertise needed to report the ESG metrics, but to, above all, know how to fully address all issues inside the organisations and to have a successful impact.

Our main areas of expertise within ESG are:

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