S317 Consulting

Consultancy Services for Design Aura, IP Monitoring Information System and IBNET Data Collection Platform

Mozambique | 2021

    The project aims to design and establish the monitoring information system for Aura with an interface with IB-Net Data Collection Platform. This will improve the technical and financial performance of water and wastewater utilities in Mozambique, introduction of the International Benchmarking Network (IBNET) and Monitoring Information System (MIS) has been agreed under the GMWSP. Both provide a set of tools that allows water utilities to measure their performance both against their own past performance and against the performance of similar (or leading) utilities at the national, regional and global levels.


    The overall objective of this assignment is to assist AURA, IP design, create and develop a centralized system of data collection, ensuring its quality, processing, and storage in water and wastewater system not only for their operative management but also for their strategic management and policy formulation. The centralized and integrated system must be compatible with IBNET platform and must use both SMS (Short Message service) and a mobile application to communicate with key customers and regulated entities.