S317 Consulting

Consulting Services for Institutional Technical Assistance (ITA) at Kano Water Board in Nigeria

Nigeria | 2022

    To improve access to safely managed water supply in urban areas, the Federal Government, with the support of the World Bank launched the National Urban Water Sector Reform Programme (NUWSRP) in 2004, to provide for effective and sustainable management of urban water supply services and improvements of institutional frameworks in selected states.

    The NUWSRP II was rolled out in additional states a few years later.

    The third phase (NUWSRP III) is currently underway, with a focus on States that have expressed strong political will to reform their urban water sector and whose water utilities are considered to have the capabilities to become operationally and financially autonomous.

    NUWSRP III is being funded by the World Bank, AFD, and African Development Bank in various states.

    Kano State is a participant in NUWSRP III with the project being supported with funding from AFD. The Kano State NUWSRP III aims to improve the living conditions of the population of Greater Kano by developing an effective and sustainable water supply service.

    The project’s key objectives are:

    1. To improve access and quality of water service in KnSWB’s areas of operation;

    2. To improve the financial viability of KnSWB;

    3. To enhance the governance framework of the water sector in the state.