S317 Consulting

Consulting Services for strengthening ESCO market, EE financing and ESCO development for the public sector in Turkey

Turkey | 2020

    Together with our partners Escon and Escarus, the goal of the project was to support EE financing and ESCO development for the public building sector in Turkey.

    This objective will be achieved through the following tasks:

    • Development of ESCO measurement and verification (M&V) protocol and guidelines and dispute resolution procedures.
    • Preparation of guidelines and templates for ESCO contracts.
    • Development of appropriate financing agreements, such as energy service agreements, consistent with Turkish Law for use with central and municipal public buildings.
    • Assessment of public procurement rules related to energy-efficient equipment and services (e.g., ESCOs) and development of appropriate procurement guidelines and templates (for tender documents).
    • Development of a national program plan for EE in the public sector, including inter alia, with respect to central and municipal buildings, public lighting and water, etc., relying on sustainable financing mechanisms to serve the broader public sector.
    • Preparing market assessment and developing a project pipeline in EE for municipalities to be presented to one or more suitable financial institution(s) in support of a national program for EE in the public sector.