S317 Consulting

Market assessment of Pakistan Plastic Circularity

Pakistan | 2020

    S317 Consulting was engaged by IFC to conduct a private-sector-focused market assessment of plastics value chains and the recycling market in Pakistan. The general objective of the assignment is to characterize the plastic market sector in Pakistan and recommend priority actions to enable the transition towards a circular plastics sector.

    This project will deliver the following operational objectives:

    1. Engage with plastic value chains for common resins (i.e., PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP) and private sector players (importers/exporters and domestic producers) and understand the Pakistan market including key drivers and challenges in addressing plastic pollution and circularity;

    2. Define the current market size and situation of the waste plastics recycling industry (for domestic consumption and export), including specific segments, demand, and supply volumes, market opportunity, and growth drivers and constraints;

    3. Review applicable regulations and benchmark with applicable best practices to identify opportunities as well as gaps that could be limiting broader adoption of plastics circularity.