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S317 Talks – António Caixinha

At S317 we value knowledge exchange and a continuous learning environment. These were the main drivers for creating S317 Talks. S317 Talks are regular, informal presentations or discussions that take place in the company. These talks are designed to provide our collaborators with an opportunity to learn about a specific topic or to share knowledge and ideas with their colleagues.
S317 Talks are an important tool for our company to foster a culture of continuous learning and development. They help our team to stay up-to-date on industry developments, company initiatives, and new technologies, and can also provide a forum for our collaborators to share their own expertise and insights with their colleagues. They are also a valuable way for S317 to build a sense of community and foster collaboration among the team. By encouraging collaborators to share their ideas and insights with one another, companies can create a more dynamic and innovative work environment.
Overall, these talks are a tool to promote learning, collaboration, and innovation.
Last week, we had the honour to receive in our office Antonio Caixinha for another S317 Talks session. He made a presentation about retail energy markets and the recent changes in the sales structure also induced by the market transformation. 
We are very grateful for António’s contribution to our S317 Talks, giving us the opportunity to discuss such an important topic.