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Gathering the best of engineering, regulation and financing, we support governments, regulators, public and private companies, industries to design and implement projects and public policies to manage their assets optimally.

We are specialized in energy, water, carbon and sustainability, namely in:

Policy design and implementation
Institutional technical assistance
Concept and strategy planning
Project design, implementation, construction and monitoring


Filipe is a senior expert with more than 18 years of experience.

He has proven track record in management and implementation of operational projects, strategic analysis, new business ventures and third party negotiation. He has coordinated various national and international projects for Governments, public and private entities.

With an MBA from London Business School (UK), a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal), and a Master degree in Energy Policy and Economics from Université Paris X (France), Filipe is a Senior Engineer, Specialist in Energy by the Professional Society of Engineers of Portugal.

He is fluent in Portuguese, French and English.

Filipe Vasconcelos

Filipe Vasconcelos


Miguel is a senior expert with more than 22 years of experience.

He has coordinated various national, regional and international projects for different Governments and international, private and non-governmental organizations, working mainly as a consultant for energy efficiency, with a background in management and engineering.

With an MBA from London Business School (UK) and a BsC in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon (Portugal), Miguel is a Senior Engineer, Specialist in Climatization by the Professional Society of Engineers in Portugal.

He is fluent in Portuguese and English, and he has a good level of written and speaking Spanish language.

Our Mission

To support our Clients in an efficient and effective way, the development and the implementation of technical assistance, engineering, and management consulting, as well as, public policies, in order to deliver the expected results, aiming the right balance between economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Our Values

1. We strive for a sustainable world, in which social, economic, and environmental goals are not divergent.

2. We are passionate about people, our firm’s most prized asset.

3. We are inspired by our clients. We are proud of our clients and what they think of us; we build long lasting relationships with them, responding to and anticipating their needs.

4. We believe in achieving success through shared endeavours. We achieve more together than we could alone.

5. We are independent and prize our integrity and honesty. We strive to do “the right thing” rather than “the easy thing” across the most complex challenges.

6. We constantly seek to excel, and continually enhance our learning. We are ambitious, bold, and innovative and far-sighted.

7. We are accountable. We take personal responsibility for our commercial success, sharing and reinvesting in the company.

International experience

Internacional Placeholder

Having worked around the world, our team internationally acquired an excellent reputation with our customers.

Quality Policy

The continuous improvement and quality of our processes are part of the responsibility of the company and of each of its employees, ensuring compliance with the NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the activity, following this vectors:

1. Customer orientation: we have a service oriented to each client and always with the intention of generating value for our customers;

2. Development of competences: we provide our employees training and skills development that are necessary to carry out their activities, and all those that we consider necessary for the renewal and innovation of our value chains;

3. Raising employees’ awareness for continuous improvement: we actively raise awareness among all our employees about the importance we all have in building our future and in particular the responsibilities we all have in learning, improvement and ongoing evolution;

4. Promote partnership relations: we strive to develop cooperative links and promote true partnership relations with society in general and in particular with our suppliers, in order to improve the levels of performance and customer satisfaction we serve.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy presents the process of collecting and using personal data, as well as the safeguard and security measures adopted in the treatment of such data. S317 Consulting recognizes the importance of privacy and we ask you to carefully read this Privacy Policy to know how your Personal Information will be handled when using our website. The website www.s317consulting.com is owned by S317 Consulting, LDA. with headquarters at Avenida Elias Garcia, 79, R/C, 1050-097 Lisboa, Portugal.

1. Data collection
Whenever it is necessary to collect personal information, the use of this information will be carried out in compliance with the applicable legislation in force for the Data Protection Policy imposed by the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD), in order to ensure confidentiality and security of personal data provided.

The collection of personal data (name, email address, telephone contact), is applicable in commercial consultations and / or service agreements. The entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data is S317 Consulting

2. Use of the information collected
S317 Consulting undertakes to comply with the rules of personal data processing in force in Portugal.

The data collected data is exclusively for the use of S317 Consulting, being guaranteed the privacy and protection of the data of the users.

3. Right of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition
In accordance with the provisions of the law in force, any person may request access to their personal data, its content, as well as require its rectification, update or request its destruction, by written request addressed to S317 Consulting to the email address: info@s317consulting.com.

4. Security and Data Protection
S317 Consulting undertakes to treat your Personal Information with the utmost privacy, confidentiality and security and undertakes to adopt the necessary security measures to ensure the safeguarding of the personal data of users against their possible misuse or against access not authorized.

Notwithstanding, and since the Internet is not a 100% secure , S317 Consulting can not guarantee the security of any information it disseminates online, nor be liable for any loss or damage caused to the user as a consequence of the loss of confidentiality of the information.

5. Responsibility
In this web page, users will be able to find links that take you to other web pages outside the domain of S317 Consulting servers that may themselves collect data or request personal information. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party sites, so you should read the Privacy Policy of the third-party sites you visit, and we are not responsible for the content and information on those same sites.

6. Privacy Policy Agreement
It is understood that the user accepts the conditions of this privacy policy when entering their data.

We assume that the user consents the automated processing and use of the data in accordance with the privacy conditions described in this document when filling the forms. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, we ask you not to provide any personal information to S317 consulting through this site.

7. Changes to the Privacy Policy
S317 Consulting reserves the right at any time to update or revise this Privacy Policy in order to adjust it to any legislative changes and / or other constraints. Any changes made will be published in this space, so the user should visit this area frequently to keep informed about the Privacy Policy in force.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy practices, please contact us at the following address:
Parque Oceano, Rua Doutor José Joaquim de Almeida 2, 3B

2780-322 Oeiras – Portugal
Email: info@s317consulting.com | +351 211 607418

Diversity Policy

The S317 Consulting recognizes the benefits of cultural diversity as a strategic part of the company. These benefits result mainly in the enrichment of management models, improving the quality of decision making processes, through the plurality of knowledge, experience, abilities and skills of employees and also in improving performance, increasing competitiveness and reputation of the company.

The S317 Consulting is committed to efforts to promote diversity inside the organization, especially in relation to the following criteria:

  • Ensure compliance with local and international law, on equality and diversity, especially of non-discrimination and equal opportunities, arising from the Law and other applicable regulations, as well as the principles of the company’s Code of Ethics and other policies ;
  • Ensure equal opportunities and treatment, including by age, sex, education and previous work experience;
  • Promote respect for human integrity and individual aspects of each employee;
  • Ensuring an internal structure that reflects the ideology and the corporate philosophy based on diversity;
  • Enhance an environment that values the social, ethnic, physiological, cultural, gender diversity and does not tolerate discrimination and differential treatment
  • Ensure representation of various areas of knowledge in the company, in terms of qualifications and skills, given the growing importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the performance of teams.
  • Efforts to promote adequate representation of women and men;
  • Promote awareness-raising measures internally and among stakeholders in order to promote good practices and monitor improvement plans in this area.

The Diversity Policy was approved by the S317 Consulting management on December 28, 2018.

Integrity Policy

Presentation of the Integrity Policy

S317 Consulting operates in accordance with high ethical standards, integrity and respect for the applicable legislation and its regulations, and it is its responsibility to ensure that all businesses and partnerships comply with the values ​​and ethics of the company, in order to become a reference of good practices.This integrity policy aims to reduce the risk of employees and stakeholders to commit any infractions imposed by the current legislation and thus, reduce the possibility of damages to the reputation of the company.

S317 Consulting aims to conduct all its activities and partnerships with integrity, transparency and professionalism, complying with all applicable laws and adopting the guiding principles outlined in the company’s Code of Ethics, not being tolerated to its employees and business partners, behaviours that undermine these principles.

Any employee of S317 Consulting and any person or entity who provides services to the company must, under all circumstances, conduct themselves by the principles described in this policy.

The integrity policy is available as an electronic version on the S317 Consulting website. The company also undertakes to provide the integrity policy to all its suppliers which shall act in accordance with the rules described.

Awareness and Training
Management will promote awareness-raising actions, which it deems necessary, in order to raise awareness and clarify the integrity policy.

Principles of action

Anti-Corruption Policy
S317 Consulting has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and bribery, and prohibits, under any circumstances, corruption or bribery in any of the countries where it operates.
The company values ​​its reputation in terms of integrity, and corruption or bribery is a threat to the business and its values​​ and, in that sense, its employees shall not request or accept bribes or benefits, as a counterpart to the practice of any act or omission.
In some insolvency proceedings, if it is found that the company has participated in corruption situations, it can be excluded from public or private tenders without being able to re-apply. Employees may also be subject to legal proceedings.
S317 Consulting regularly competes with projects of international development agencies, such as the World Bank, which follow strict anti-corruption guidelines and require applicants to respect ethical standards and practices in projects. If they do not meet these requirements, candidates can be blacklisted and cannot enrol in future projects.

Conflict of Interest Policy
S317 Consulting recognizes and respects the right of all employees to make investments or businesses outside the company, provided that the activities are consistent with the obligations stipulated in the agreement. Each employee must inform the management about economic activities outside the workplace, assuming a loyalty behaviour towards the company, thus avoiding any situation that could lead to a conflict of interest.

Training Policy
S317 Consulting has a training plan in order to form the company’s employees on the content and practical aspects of this policy at the time of the employee’s entry into the company, in the review of policy and whenever the company deems it necessary.

Communication Channels and Complaints Policy
Employees are encouraged to report any misconduct or suspected misconduct that is not in compliance with company principles and values. Complaints must be submitted to management so that they can be duly evaluated.

Third Party Contracting Policy
The company to hire others make sure, through information collected about the individual or company, that they share values ​​and principles like those of the organization, thereby reducing the risk of involvement in illegal practices.

This Integrity Policy was approved by the Management of S317 on December 28, 2018.

Health and safety policy at work

S317 Consulting company considers the safety and health of all employees, stakeholders and the communities in which it operates, a priority objective, which should always be present in all company management processes. The well-being of employees and stakeholders is a priority for the company’s success.

The company protects its employees and stakeholders taking responsibility to maintain healthy workplace and safe and at the same time, promoting best practices and safe behavior, minimizing accidents, injuries or illnesses.

The company priority is safety and, therefore, requires all employees to take an active role in promoting a safe and healthy environment.

Guiding principles of health and safety practice in S317 Consulting:

  • Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and stakeholders, ensuring compliance with national and international legislation and good practice;
  • Ensure adequate safety, comfort and efficiency in all company facilities and equipment;
  • Promoting training and information of employees about the risks involved in activities, sensitizing them to comply with the safety standards;
  • Ensure that all employees and stakeholders are responsible for ensuring that their activities take place within the required parameters, meeting the legal requirements, standards and procedures, reducing the risk.
  • Regularly review the measures established for the prevention of occupational accidents, occupational diseases and health promotion of employees and stakeholders;
  • Promote the principle of continuous improvement, always monitoring the results and make necessary changes where necessary;
  • Involve all employees, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders in the continuous improvement of performance in terms of safety and health at work and on the effectiveness of the policy;
  • Maintain safety procedures updated and regularly reviewed in accordance with applicable regulations.

The Health and safety policy at Work was approved by the S317 Consulting management on December 28, 2018.

Stakeholder Relation Policy

stakeholders represent all individuals or groups that influence and are influenced by the company’s activity and, for this reason, we advocate and promote transparent honest and empathetic relationships in order to gain their trust.

S317 Consulting approach to stakeholders involves the following steps:

  1. Identification and mapping of key stakeholders for S317 Consulting;
  2. Communicable, open, transparent and rigorous communication with stakeholders;
  3. Identification of stakeholder needs and expectations.

1.Identification and mapping of key stakeholders for S317 Consulting
It is fundamental to know who the stakeholders are in order to understand their importance and the importance to the organization. This is strategic information for decision-making.

2. Communication accessible, open, transparent and accurate with stakeholders
S317 Consulting employees interact with the company’s stakeholders in an integrated, rigorous and transparent manner, based on the highest quality standards, fostering a collaborative relationship based on trust and the sharing of know-how and experiences, thereby facilitating the achievement of common objectives. The success of a company also depends on how it interacts with the community in which it operates.

Regular engagement with its stakeholders is crucial to enable S317 Consulting to position itself adequately in the face of its needs and perceptions, which in turn are constantly influenced by market conditions.

Our engagement strategy is made through four main guidelines:

  1. Understand Include in their strategies the interests of all stakeholders, as well as identify and classify stakeholders and how important they are to achieve organizational goals;
  2. Communicate Ensure that stakeholders have access to information through established communication channels;
  3. Trust – Maintain a transparent, clear and respectful relationship with the stakeholders, and ensure that the actions of S317 Consulting are based on the ethical principles of the company.
  4. Collaborate – Build strategic partnerships that aggregate and share know-how and experiences, thus promoting the creation of shared value in a differentiating way.

3.Identification of stakeholder needs and expectations
After identifying and mapping the stakeholders, it is essential, through continuous dialogue actions, to consult their needs and expectations and to evaluate them. The different stakeholders represent a certain type of interest in the process and, for this reason, it is important to identify, manage, monitor and respond to those expectations. The success of any company depends on the participation of its stakeholders and therefore it is necessary to ensure that its expectations and needs are known and considered by the managers..

This Stakeholder Relationship Police was approved by the Management of S317 Consulting on December 28, 2018..

Code of Ethics

1. Presentation of the Code of Ethics
a)   Introduction
S317 Consulting Code of Ethics is an alliance that the company establishes with its stakeholders and human resources. Whatever the geography, all employees of S317 Consulting must respect not only the laws and regulations, but also the Code of Ethics of the company. This is based on a set of principles and rules that guide the behaviour of all S317 Consultingemployees and all that relate to the company.

b)   Objective
This Code aims to promote and encourage the adoption of operating principles and behavioural rules defined in the Code, namely the values ​​of S317 Consulting in the relations of employees with each other, with the company and with other stakeholders.

c)  Receivers
Any employee of S317 Consulting and any person or entity providing services to the company, must always conduct themselves by the principles described in this Code.

d)  Disclosure
The Code of Ethics is distributed to all employees of S317 Consulting and is still available as an electronic version on the S317 Consulting website. S317 Consulting is committed to provide the Code of Ethics to all its suppliers which shall act in accordance with the rules described.

e) Training and awareness
Management will promote awareness-raising actions, which it deems necessary, in order to raise awareness and clarify the Code of Ethics.

2    Principles of action
S317 Consulting conducts its activity in accordance with national legislation and international best practice, but also based on the principles of this Code of Ethics. These principles should guide the conduct of employees in their relationships with the market, and especially with the communities in which they operate and with whom they interact.

The principles that guide S317 Consulting are described below:

a)  Integrity:
To act with honesty, rejecting all forms of fraud and corruption, and refusing to intervene in situations where there is, or may be, a conflict of interest.

b)    Professionalism:
Responsible and dedicated professional performance, based on know-how and using the most appropriate techniques and the necessary effort to fulfil the tasks of each employee, with the pursuit of operational excellence and the company’s development.

c) Human Dignity and Respect for People:
Valuing life and affirmation of citizenship, respecting the social and cultural diversity of people with equality, equity and justice without discrimination of social, cultural, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, political opinion, physical and health condition.

d) Good faith:
To act, with the stakeholders and, in general, with society, in a confident, correct, rigorous and transparent way.

e)   Confidentiality:
Keep confidential about the information that the employee has access to in the exercise of his duties. All information will be treated as confidential, so that it will not be disclosed to third parties, free of charge or onerous, or in any way disclosed without prior consent.

f)  Loyalty:
Promote the duty of loyalty and respect for the company, and among its employees, as well as the credibility and prestige of S317 Consulting.

g)  Legality:
Always act in accordance with applicable law and regulations, avoiding any conduct that could harm the reputation and integrity of the company.

h)  Prohibition of harassment:
Promote prevention and combat all forms of harassment at work.

3.  Environment
It is a commitment of S317 Consulting, as a consulting company in the water, energy and environment sector, to integrate protection and respect for the environment in the strategy, management and continuous improvement of its management processes.
This commitment, which involves the entire company, implies acting consciously, integrating protection measures and conservation of the environment in order to control, prevent and minimize damages to the environment in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals set by 2030.

4.   Relationship with Stakeholders
S317 Consulting is committed to engage to stakeholders by adopting the principles outlined in this Code of Ethics and integrating stakeholders’ concerns and needs into decision-making and management practices.
For this, S317 Consulting employees maintain appropriate communication channels and continuous dialogue actions with stakeholders, in order to allow the company to position itself adequately, to the needs and perceptions of those who, in turn, are permanently influenced by market conditions.

In this sense, in the relationship with the different stakeholders, S317 Consulting commits itself to:

  • Achieve maximum satisfaction from all stakeholders;
  • Scrupulously respect the confidentiality of information and intellectual property of stakeholders;
  • Respect contractual rights and commitments;
  • Treat with respect, professionalism and loyalty;
  • Honoring commitments;
  • Develop transparent and customized business proposals;
  • Share information;
  • Promote a spirit of cooperation and collaboration in relations with stakeholders;
  • Respect the rules of the market, promoting fair competition;
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment;
  • Promote the efficient use of energy and the adoption of more sustainable lifestyles.

5.   Conduct in business
S317 Consulting and its employees are committed to create value for the company, acting in accordance with the principles described in this Code of Ethics, providing an integrated and honest management in the following topics:

a)   Legislation
Comply with applicable laws and regulations, the company activity, as well as the requirements that the company subscribes to.

b) Use of company resources
Employees are expected to monitor the company’s assets, made available for the performance of their duties, and to ensure that they are not damaged or misused.

c)  Data processing and information
S317 Consulting recognizes the importance of confidentiality and privacy of information, not disclosing any documentation that has not been previously authorized for disclosure.

d) Conflict of interests
S317 Consulting recognizes and respects the right of all employees to undertake investments or business outside the company, provided that such activities are compatible with the obligations stipulated in the contract. Each employee must inform management about the economic activities outside the workplace, assuming a loyalty behaviour towards the company, thus avoiding any situation that could lead to a conflict of interest.

e) Illegal business activities
S317 Consulting and its employees have the utmost care and attention to avoid being involved in criminal activities. As a preventive measure, all employees shall check available information on business partners and suppliers in order to verify its suitability.

f)    Corruption and bribery
All S317 Consulting employees maintain relationships inside and outside the company with integrity, honesty and transparency S317 Consulting does not tolerate any behaviour that involves the promise or the direct or indirect supply of money ​​or service, of which the company or employee can get any advantage.

This Code of Ethics was approved by the Management of S317 Consulting on December 28, 2018.



Project Nº 027619

Project Title | INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS – Internationalization
Project Code | LISBON-02-0752-FEDER-027619
Main Objective | Strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs
Region of intervention | LISBON
Beneficiary | S317 CONSULTING, LDA

Approval Date | 09 – 11 – 2017
Start Date | 05 – 01 – 2018
End Date | 04 – 01 – 2019
Total eligible cost | 105,895.00 Euros

The project:
The S317 Consulting under this project intends to develop an internationalization strategy, through the presence in fairs / events and conducting market prospects, hiring an International Markets Manager and develop a marketing and communication strategy.
Thus promoting the strengthening of the company’s entrepreneurial capacity in the internationalization process, with a view to increasing technology transfer and consulting services in areas relevant to the evolution of the areas where the company operates.